Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Impeachment Is Still Not Being Served

The list of Reasons To Impeach George Bush are many and in a few years will be discussed by historians and legal scholars as blatant and criminal and shameful in their scope. Much will be written about the Congress who was so indebted to corporate masters that they couldn't move one step toward stopping the madness of King George without fear of stepping on some lobbyist's expensive shoes. Schools will teach about the many dismissed polls, the many set aside demands, the raging and rising anger of the population that was so completely and wrongly ignored by the congress they elected to rid them of the Bush/Cheney plague. How could a congress become so powerful, so insulated that the will of the people didn't matter?

In trying to research the answer to that I ran across this article in Salon that very clearly describes the why of many things I didn't consider. Why We Haven't Impeached.

What I found the most interesting was the insight that our relationship with Bush is that of someone stuck in a bad marriage who are just waiting for it to come to its natural end. But this waiting is also because Bush is doing what no one else has been able to do: he is destroying the Republican party. Many of the loyal opposition feel it is worth it not to impeach him because each day that goes by, each dirty trick, each betrayal of America's trust that is revealed, is one more piece of the Republican party that Bush takes down with him.

And it is a party that deserves to be taken down because it is synonymous with religious extremism, bigotry, racism, and corporate raping and pillaging of the planet for personal greed. To let it continue unchecked and unaccountable is to let loose the barbarians, the savages, the American Christo-Fascist incarnation of the Taliban it supposedly is fighting. As long as Bush is President, the smaller the line becomes between America's enemies and its own psyche. The Democratic congress is basically letting Bush dig the Republican's grave with shovels he stole from the American people.

May he end up with a hole big enough to humble once and for all an ego that is far bigger than any action in his life warranted. He will go down in history as a small-minded and petty tyrant that accomplished only one thing: the destruction of his own party for generations to come.

But the saddest part of the Salon article is what it reveals about many Americans. Bush could not have started a war without the blood lust and bigotry of a large portion of the American people. To impeach Bush isn't just a matter of saying he is a bad person. It is saying that a majority of Americans also have to deal with the bad person inside themselves who allowed him to do what he has done. Inside that insight is perhaps the real reason this idiotic and evil meat puppet is still president.


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