Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Bush Legacy

There's a certain element of disgust, a kind of bile that rises up in me when I see how desperately Bush is floundering for a legacy that won't put his grandchildren to shame. And then I remember that they will be Bush grandchildren and those genes are devoid of such things as shame. When they study the history of Grandpa Dubya he'll be lost in a crowd of other sleazy war criminals guilty of treason, thievery, unethical and immoral behavior, and crimes against everything that didn't crime against them first. Every year they will hold the annual family picnic at the Torture Park, a memorial especially for Dubya that will be famous for the statue of Liberty permanently encased in an Abu Ghraib hood for all the generations who come after to see. That will be his legacy, just like Torquemada and other historical slime. The pigeons will shit on it and no one will dare wipe it off for fear of altering his legacy. The bums and other creatures of the night will piss on it until the smell becomes so overpowering over time that the stench of it will become synonymous with the name Bush. Only then will his legacy be complete.

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