Saturday, December 22, 2007

When Monsters Attack

I'm really enjoying watching the GOP panic over Huckabee right now. He's marching to the top of the shit pile with the machine-like precision of a monster created to court other monsters...the right wing nuts that helped elect the current Sociopath. But with their cleanest candidate Romney defending his cult membership and making up crap about his father marching with MLK, what are you going to do?

Run something like Ghouliani who is not only a liar and a cheating, adultering, charging the public for his mistress type of guy?

Or McCain who is one snarl away from taking off someone's head for daring to disagree with him? Doesn't Cheney already fill this function?

Or how about another nightmare, Ron Paul. Now here's a man who truly represents the GOP's sordid last few years with his anti-choice, racist, homophobic agenda. Too bad he's got that anti-war thing going. But then that does come with being an isolationist Bircher baby.

Actually, the worse it gets the more I enjoy it. It's usually the Democrats who implode in a sea of ideologues who couldn't find their voice even if someone was hanging them by the balls and whacking them on the head with a list of issues to bring up and debate seriously. This year all we have to choose between is the first Woman, the first Hispanic, the first Black, the first Alien Abductee, and the first real chance of taking back our country from the shit-stained hands of the wide-stance party.


Anonymous said...

Why America contintue to engage in foregin wars outside the United States?

Some Crazy Bear said...

Why? Money, of course. America is in the business of making money from war. They sell the arms. They sell the armies to carry those arms. And they give all their corrupt friends jobs that allow them to steal openly like Halliburton did and currently does.

The Bush administration has given new meaning to the word "greed." It had to be expanded to include their insatiable lust for money. They think it will remove the bloodstains from their souls, but the problem is they have no souls.

If they had anything like a conscience or compassion or ethics left by the time they entered the 20th century, their ancestor, Prescott Bush, who got rich from the Nazi death camps, would have sold it to the highest bidders.

If you look at who Bush's advisors are you will see some go back to Vietnam and the drug trade that they used to finance illegal actions like Iran-Contra under Reagan. These are all the same people, the same greedy bastards that care for nothing but money.

Whenever you hear any of them speak the word "Democracy" in relation to your country, know that it means you have something they want to steal and they will find a way to start a war so they can.