Saturday, December 15, 2007

Torture Now Official US Policy

The Republican party who has exhibited a fondness for things that normal people find offensive such as fear mongering for political gain, starting wars based on lies, war profiteering, and a religious intolerance matched only by the Taliban, has now put their festering legacy behind torture. How proud of them their grandchildren will be when they read how the Republican party blocked the torture bill that would have prevented the kind of atrocities America was once sworn to prevent and condemn. I thought I had reached a level of disgust where nothing they did could turn my stomach anymore than it has already been turned. I was wrong. They're not done destroying the country yet. I think that before today we had a bit of moral authority left, a little hope in the rest of the world that maybe, just maybe the country that was once a symbol of something good, would remember what it stood for. Looks like we can quit holding our breath.


Thomas Hampton said...

If waterboarding is done properly, it is absolutely an effective interrogation technique.

Here is an authentic demonstration -- believed to have been leaked by the military:

Follow closely.

Anonymous said...

You poor tool.

Some Crazy Bear said...

Yes, but what good does it do anyone if the "detainee" comes out of it confessing to being the love child of King Kong and Godzilla? How does that make us safer?

Of course, in the demented Bushie minds, they could in turn take that confession and scare the crap out of their devoted base by saying King Kong and Godzilla are jealous of our freedom, and that's why we have to attack them in Hong Kong before we have to fight them on American shores.