Friday, December 07, 2007

About those flies....

I've had this idea for a while that cartoons are a good venue for some political thoughts and opinions. We do live in a cartoon universe when it really does come down to it, don't we? And because with the coming election season it is going to get absolutely crazy, then more words just can't capture all the fun of watching the ever-expanding field of lunacy compete for first place in the flat-earth, fundie whacko, who-you-calling-a-cult insane asylum we call a Presidential election. So since one of my favorite books as a child was "Lord Of The Flies" then it only makes sense that I would create a cartoon called "Flies On The Wall." You'll be able to follow their adventures all through the next few months when those rare occasions present themselves that words are just not enough to capture the sheer idiocy of the political candidates. Sometimes you just need a good fly to do the talking for you.

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