Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cheney's Office Eats Homework

A fire today broke out in Cheney's "ceremonial" office. One can only cringe at the thought of exactly what kind of ceremonies are performed in this pit of horrors. But horrific scenarios aside, no one will really be surprised that this divine accident destroyed a lot of nasty things hanging around waiting to be subpoenaed by Congress, or maybe some future war crimes tribunal. This administration, and Cheney in particular, has already demonstrated many times over that their brand of compassionate conservatism involves such Republican principles as water boarding, racial profiling, secret gulags, and lying about everything. So why should anyone be surprised if it turns out that Cheney deliberately set his own office on fire in front of God and all his homo-fearing, fetus-embracing, warmongering witless minions. He's done far worse than that without having to suffer any consequences whatsoever. Who would stop him? Certainly not Congress. Certainly not the Prozac nation medicated to mind-numbing apathy. And certainly not the rest of the world because with Cheney in charge, they don't have to lift a finger to hasten America's decline as a superpower. Cheney and his neocon barbarians are doing it for them. And hey, look on the bright side. Now the American people can have a fire sale and use the proceeds to defray some of the huge debts that allows other countries to own us in everything but name.

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