Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why Fur Is Anti-Peace

There are some issues that are inseparable in working for peace, and one of those is how we treat our own and other species. If we make war on something that is weaker than we are either in size or in ability to manipulate weapons, then we contribute to an environment where peace cannot grow. And if we murder a creature for food, we kill twice...first the creature, and then ourselves because eating the flesh of an animal contributes to our early death from the unhealthy effect animal flesh has on our bodies. And if we kill a defenseless creature whose flesh we don't need to eat to survive, but intend solely to skin it and use it as "fashion," then we are murderers. It is as disgusting and cruel and immoral as taking the flesh from our own children and making a coat for our pet to wear from their flesh.

I realize this is an issue that not many understand or an argument they cannot accept. After all, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish...they are all raised for human consumption. I've been told many times they are raised simply to feed us and the use of their different parts is a sensible form of re-use and re-cycle ecology. That may very well be true and if there was a starvation problem in this country and the only option was to put the dairy cow up on the barbie, then maybe I could see it. But I can also see that once that cow is cooked there is no more milk, no more cheese, no more ability to produce more cows. Killing it ends the supply. That seems stupid to me. And unhealthy. Just ask those who live on such things as steaks and burgers and fried chicken how their hearts and arteries are and how many drugs they have to take to counteract the ill effects of eating meat. You could feed a lot of people if you ate the grains yourself instead of feeding them to cattle, and you planted vegetables in the acres and acres now required to raised just a few cows.

As I said, I can be flexible in that area because in some places meat is all there is until something better comes along, and it is still something that although unhealthy and often cruel in the conditions under which "meat" is raised for eventual slaughter, some people are convinced they need to survive. It's their bodies and consciences and I don't expect to change their minds or the world overnight.

But I draw the line at fur. That is murder plain and simple. There is no need for it at all. We are long past the period of time when we needed to hunt beasts in order to stay warm enough to survive harsh climates. We have heat. We have fabrics that are made of natural fibers that keep us warm enough. We even have fabrics made out of recycled synthetic materials that will keep our bodies nice and toasty. We do not need fur for anything but an intolerable act of cruelty called "fashion." It is a disgusting thing. It is immoral and completely unnecessary. It is symptomatic of people with no conscience, no compassion, and a life so empty that the only way they can get any kind of thrill at all is by wearing the skin of some other creature. How disgusting is that? They need therapy, not fur coats!

And the number one reason to not wear fur is that it sanctions and promotes cruelty to animals. There have been numerous studies showing that most serial killers, most murderers began by torturing and killing small creatures. Doing so was symptomatic of their illness and killing animals for their fur is symptomatic of ours. If we don't stop, then the wars will never stop because without the smell of blood, the pain of defenseless creatures, we will not feel complete. As long as we are stuck in this twisted cycle of making ourselves feel better, bigger, and more powerful by killing something, then we contribute to perpetual war.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

So Many Mean People, So Little Time...

Last month, the Gill Foundation's Born Different campaign to educate people that gays don't choose their sexual preference, posted ads of a dog with a solitary "moo" coming from it.

Of course, that champion of preferential treatment for religious fanatics--James Dobson of the infamous anti-gay group "Focus On The Family"-- unveiled a new ad with the words: "Dogs aren't born mooing, and people aren't born gay."

In response I made this design showing a dog that not only moos, it moos in rainbow colors and celebrates its difference. And for Dobson, I have one message: people aren't born stupid. They rely on you to teach them how to be that way.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Add this Candle For Peace to your blogs and websites

I first saw this on myspace and it's such a wonderful and visible tribute to peace that I am passing it on. Please feel free to copy it and add it to your own blogs and websites. Join the ever-growing choir for world peace!

Share Your Art, Music, Words and Actions for Peace

In the last weeks I've been stunned by the amount of violence, the wars, the killing that is going on all over the world. My first reaction was to hide away from the world and come out only to work and do the absolute minimum outside the safe confines of my little home. I had a relationship with the meaningless and stupid deaths as I would with some bad ex-lover who stalked me if I dared to open my door. As a result, the wars became stronger and my love and trust became weaker. I let myself give in to evil.

And then, as many of you who are artists, musicians, writers will understand immediately, this is not the way we face such things. If we were hiders, we would never create a damn thing. We would lock ourselves away and everything would go silent, especially our creativity.

I fought back as all of you fight back. I created and created and created. I have never made so many designs devoted to peace in such a short time. It is almost a fever, a fanatic need to not become a victim of hatred, of greed, of warmongers who go through life taking lives and land and money and honor until nothing is left but a pile of dead dreams for the rest of us.

These designs are my strength as your own art is your strength. It is my voice as yours is your voice. I think of how many of us are on this planet who speak for peace and yet there is still war. So I ask all of you to pick one piece of art, music, words that is symbolic of fighting back. Share it with everyone you know. Pass on the works of each other. Buy a cd, a shirt, a poster, a painting, a poem, a story, give to a cause devoted to peace, teach a child about peace, talk to an adult about peace, live a day totally in peace.

Let's be heard and let's get louder. Art is power

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Few Words From A Proud Moonbat

It's true. Language IS a virus. And the only reason the present administration even came close to winning the elections (close, but not legitimately won because they didn't honestly win), is they were able to set aside such inconvenient things as ethics, morality, and nagging consciences to inflict it on an oblivious populace. The reason the virus took hold so easily is due to the pathetic state of education in this country. All you have to do is look at the "C student only because daddy was rich and they didn't dare fail his ass" poor excuse for a president we have, the moronic frat boys he surrounds himself with who were pushed toward graduation the way pigs are weaned so they can wallow in someone else's shit, to see what happens when we don't value education. When all will be said and done, not only will Bush go down in History as the worst president ever, but his entire administration will serve as a warning to future generations what happens when you scrimp on education.

So, these simplistic minds resorted to the only tactics they knew to win...they used stupid frat boy insults that focused on body parts and functions to get their message across. They defined female politicians by appearance, sexuality, amount of cleavage, and subservience. A strong woman was portrayed as frigid because her strength was an indictment of their lack of ability in the bedroom. She became every woman who mocked them in bed. Her intelligence, often far superior to their own, became something that made her unattractive, bitchy--a ball-buster who could castrate them with words far quicker than they could gut a chicken.

And men who did not buy into their immature and threatened assessments became wimps, pussies, moonbats, homos...words that don't really mean anything except a juvenile reaction to something too far beyond a kid intellectually to be responded to except in whimpers, grunts, and sputtered insults. Men who actually admitted to having a conscience, to caring about something outside their own butt itch, were and are the biggest threat to them.

I am convinced that is why there is such a backlash against gays, because their true target are straight men who disagree with them. They fear these straight men with progressive ideas far more than they fear gay men, because ideas are far more subversive than a man-loving penis. One they can run from, the other might just creep into them while they sleep.

This language virus found the perfect receptacle for their simplistic fears and hatreds: uneducated simpletons like themselves. Ignorance has no class or social status. It is immune to both so it is natural that the Bushco frat boys would find a kinship with the uneducated, bible-thumping, inbred morons that form the war party's base. To them they could scream non-nonsensicle crap and it would find a willing home. And all they had to do was stuff a few free hot dogs and cola down their throats at those staged support the troop rallies that preceded the Iraq war, and the idiots would offer up their own children as sacrifices to an out of control madman.

There is one place we need to start to even begin to fight back and reclaim this country and that is to turn their tactics against them. Don't let them get away with saying that peace is bad. Speak up and remind people that it is war that is bad, not peace. Don't let them get away with using gays, Mexicans, Arabs, and progressives as wedge issues in this upcoming congressional election. Remind them that this country was founded on Democratic principles and they have no right to wipe their ass with OUR constitution. And for god's sake, take back your damn religion from these ill-bred shitheads. They've done more to destroy Christianity than any other fundamentalist whacko from another country could ever do.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mindless, Senseless Violence: Or Rot From The Top Down

If anyone ever has doubts about whether rot begins from the top down, all they have to do is take a look at what is going on around the world--endless, mindless, pointless violence. Then take a look at the leaders whose watch that senseless violence is thriving under. I'll make it easy for you...draw some dots and connect them back to Bush. Go all the way back to when he was governor of Texas and led the country in executions. He set the standard then for what the world would become--one continual violent tantrum orchestrated by a very sick and twisted individual.

If you study Bush as I have studied Bush you will discover what I have discovered: the man has too many daddy issues and we are all victims of his unresolved crap between senior and junior. How many more people have to die before this psychopath gets the treatment he so desperately needs?

I hear people say that he is just a puppet, that he is being used by Cheney and Rumsfeld because he is too stupid to know he is being used, that he is the idiot king with no power except for ceremonial duties where he is trotted out to sneer and snarl and make stupid frat boy jokes that only embarrass this country further.

I believe he is not very intelligent, that because of his wealth and position life was greased for him to slide through in his mediocre way. He is the cracker king of the demographics he so aptly courts. I also believe he is a very sick and twisted individual. I would have no trouble believing he tortures puppies or has a backyard stashed full of bodies his family paid lots of money to cover up. He is the demented spawn of too much wealth and privilege. He is the poster boy for an estate tax to prevent more of him screwing up the world anymore with his sick personality. And he will destroy the world just as he has destroyed every company, every sports team, every endeavor he has greased with his dirty, greedy fingers.

What makes the situation we are facing far worse is his rampant use of nepotism to fill political positions. Imagine the most drunken, the most illiterate, the most cruel and disgusting frat boys and you have the Bush administration. These people are not brain trusts. They are trust fund morons who are where they are because of powerful, monied political connections. They care nothing for you and me or the evangelical idiots they court and use to enrich themselves. They are not religious except for political photo opportunities. They believe in nothing but profit, unbelievable stinking profit that is just a game among them: whomever can steal the most is the the best for that week.

How do you fight against such rot? How do you take back the country from these greedy, self-serving bastards that care nothing for me and you? The answer is deceptively simple.

You take it back with love because that is the one thing they will never understand, the one thing they will never see coming. Love. So simple. So beyond them. Love of your neighbor. Love of those different from you. Love of those who came from somewhere else and are now your neighbors and co-workers. Love of those who love each other regardless of gender. Love of those who see wealth as a crippling influence on humanity, on compassion, on the very ability to love without expectations. Pure love. The kind of love that children have for each other, for puppies and kittens. The kind of love that doesn't need to be bought. It just is, pure and simple. It exists because it is.

It takes effort to hate. You have to get up every day and plan out how you are going to hate, who you are going to attack, who you are going to destroy, what people, what country you will trash in order to accumulate even more wealth, more power, more bodies stacked on the road to shallow glory.

But love is easy. It is who we are. It lives in us in pure form. It needs nothing to exist because it is strong enough to exist on its own. Hate needs constant feeding. Hate takes from you, it feeds on your heart, your soul, your spirit. It burns in your belly. It destroys you so it can exist.

Love needs none of this. Therefore, Love is stronger that hate. Love will defeat those who seek only to destroy, to grow fat on their greed. Defeat them by loving their many enemies. Embrace those they disenfranchise. Accept those they exclude. Raise up those they step on. These are the strengths they will never see, never understand, never know defeated them.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Saving The Planet From Ourselves

I live in one of the last places in the US that still clearcuts entire mountains. This is not the land of selective pruning; this is the land of cut and run greed gone wild. It is profit-taking without concern for the next rainy season when mud will take out at least a few homes as it does every winter. It is a complete and total disregard for any ecological rights their own children and grandchildren might have on this planet. It is the same mentality that destroyed and continues to destroy entire species of plant and animal life in the rain forests so the world can become obese on crappy mystery meat burgers.

When I first moved here several decades ago, fresh, wild salmon was all over the place. Now it is out of reach of most people who cannot pay premium prices for real food and must settle for dyed farm raised trash fish. My once favorite crabbing spot is in the path of the sewage plant's outflowing water. Only a fool or someone new to the area would eat anything from there. Ever more frequent red tides have made me cut down on the amount of fresh clams I used to eat on the beach with my friends. The raspberries taste like pesticides.

Have we lost our frigging minds here? Do we not see what we are doing not only to ourselves, but to the earth that is a legacy in our care for our children and grandchildren? Will they ever be able to forgive us for what we have done with our silence to their planet? Will they accept our excuse that we were too small and weak to fight against those in power whose greed was so monumental it destroyed even our will to fight for our home and theirs?

I remember an argument I had with a man from Germany. He tried to tell me that not everyone supported Hitler, that he was elected because of a very small voter turnout, that people just didn't care, that they were too busy trying to survive to notice one lone madman taking over their country. I remember tearing into him and telling him that by his silence he was complicit in the crimes that happened in his name and those of his countrymen. I was practically in tears as I asked him why didn't he put himself out and save just one person, that surely that was not beyond him if he didn't have the courage or will or desire to speak against the evil growing all around him.

He didn't say anything for several minutes and then he finally responded: "I did save one person with my silence...myself."

Will that be your justification when the last forest is gone, when the air is so polluted that it is not safe for the very old, the very young, the unhealthy to go outdoors at all, when the last drop of oil burns up in the a war machine in yet another war fought for ever dwindling resources?

Or will you find your voice, your will, your vision for a future that belongs to everyone and speak up, make noise, be heard? If you are not the marching kind, then don't go out in the streets. Make a work of art instead. Write a song, make a phone call, send a letter, an email, to the editor, your congressional representatives, your friends, your family. Get involved in saving your planet because no one will do it for you.


After I came home today from camping in a clearcut that was a lush forest last year, I poured my despair into designing some new images for those who can't speak but want to be heard. This is one of them.

Please do check out my other designs with ecological themes devoted to saving our planet. Buy a pack of buttons and hand them out. Wear a t-shirt. Send a card. If you can't speak out, you can at least wear something that speaks for you and for future generations.

Ursine Logic, saving the world from itself one t-shirt at a time