Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bush Dead-Enders

Every day I can be sure of two things. The first is that I will read about someone who is truly sorry he or she voted for Bush. And the second is someone who still believes in Bush with all the fervor of someone standing on the decks of the titanic trying to convince everyone it's all just a liberal plot to get them to abandon ship.

I imagine that even the Bushies laugh at these moronic true-believers. They know what most of us know, that "the game" has nothing to do with whose imaginary playmate gets to rule the big box church, or making dudes stop playing tongue hockey, or praising jeezus as they parade fetuses around in pickle jars in front of abortion clinics. It has to do with power, and the age-old rule is the way to get the most power is to make the most powerless give it to you.

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