Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Piggies At The GOP Trough

Second only to the shame of having America be the country that tortures prisoners in the eyes of the world is the undemocratic penchant of the Bushies to ignore the separation of church and state. There's no right-wing nut job too extreme for Dubya to invite into the White House in order to further sully it with his sociopathic hallucinations of us and them.

But even the bought and paid for media has had to swallow back some of its whoring for the White House and report on some of the policy failures billed to the American people. With all those dollars that went to pay for ineffective and crony-based programs, the first act of the new President in 2008 should be to refund that money to the American people. If they need a way to come up with the money, how about taxing some of the excessive and obscene profits that Bushco made possible for the oil companies? Or how about taxing some of the bloated and greedy HMO's that Bushbots like Frist had a hand in feeding? Then there's Halliburton and the outright theft, greed, and pillaging that will go down in history as the biggest corporate trough feeding ever.

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