Monday, January 10, 2011

What if...?

What if Sarah Palin were Muslim? Would we ignore her map with a rifle scope situated over Arizona? Would we dismiss her calls to overthrow our government to replace it with one she prefers? Would we brush aside her hateful and divisive comments as free speech?

What if Glenn Beck were black? Would we consider him a terrorist, a White Panther bent on destroying America from within? Would we denounce him, parade his image on television and refer to him as an enemy of America?

What if Rush Limbaugh were Hispanic? Would we accuse him of sedition, of Treason against the United States for refusing to accept the elected President of the United States as our country's leader?

What if Fox News was an Arab station? Would we demand it be taken off the air for perpetuating hatred and division? Would we label it a terrorist organization?

What if one day we woke up and realized the terrorists were not Arab, not Muslim, not Black, not Hispanic? What if we woke up and realized they were white racists bent on destroying America from within? What if we realized the terrorists were the very people we gave a pass to simply because they were white? What would that say about our intelligence as a species? What would it say about us as human beings? What would it say about our ability to be used, abused and manipulated by those who realized long ago the biggest rope we hang ourselves with is our own hatred?