Friday, January 04, 2008

When You Sell Your Party To The Devil...

My Republican neighbor is horrified that Huckabee won. Mumbled something about that's what happens when you court the religious crazies and it being the end of the Republican party, etc etc mumble mumble and that if he really is the nominee then he's going to vote for everyone but President...or stay home. He hasn't decided yet.

I have to admit I'm enjoying his misery over a rightwingnut potentially being the representative of his party. His misery last week was coming to terms with the painful reality that his favorite candidate belongs to a cult. (his description of Romney) Who knows what next week will bring? All I know is that the only excitement I feel is over the potential designs for t-shirts and bumper stickers this group inspires in me--left,right, middle, dem, repug, certifiably's going to be fun for me the next few weeks. :-))))

And I do like Obama. I think Obama/Edwards has a nice ring to it. I also like Hillary but I don't think she gets it that Iraq is far more important to me than she seems to understand. I wouldn't want that same indifference applied to someplace like Iran or somewhere else in the world that is sitting on "our" oil. I'm kind of attached to this planet and would prefer it remain in one piece.

I also like Kucinich but people just aren't ready for him. And I really don't think it's because he sees UFOs and admits it. After all, he could draw a good many of McCain voters to him because most of them seem like they were badly alien probed at some time in their lives.

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