Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cafepress Presidential T-Shirt Meter

Cafepress is showing a running total of t-shirts sold to either support or mock the current selection of candidates running for President. Hillary is starting to catch up with Obama because his sales have fallen.

Of course, what's missing are some of the really fringe candidates, although certainly McCain and Huckabee qualify as fringe if you take normality into consideration. However, there's still time to move something other than the mainstream crazies further up the beansprout. I made some t-shirts and other stuff like buttons and stickers to help out my parties of choice.

There's the Zombie Party because "you can't bribe the undead." Or the Vampire Party who promise to bring honesty back to bloodsucking.

I like to give people choices when they shop at my political store because there's so little to choose from that isn't horrifyingly the same among the candidates offered by both parties.

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