Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gimme Money!

Back in the old days when Dubya's daddy was thieving his way through the presidency, it was a lot easier to just bail out your buddies and stick the tax payers with the bill. Now you have to use a third party, kind of like a pimp or mid-level drug dealer, to deliver your bail out. That's where we, the American people come in.

For weeks now the corporate donors to the Bushies have been whining that not enough people bought their cheap crap from sweat shop labor to make for a successful fleecing of the holiday sheep. Union busting ain't cheap and soon the money's going to have to come from their own pockets and Dubya better start earning his donations.

So what better way to deliver and not have any of it stick? You give people rebates and tell them to go spend spend spend on things they couldn't afford during the holidays. Problem solved.


Shelby said...

All I have to say is, Amen! Nothing like giving people money to buy crap they don't need to spur the economy. Consume faster, America!

PS - I like your style.

Some Crazy Bear said...

My other thought was that China owns us through debt and let us just say, for the sake of speculation, that a certain loan payment was due and was uh...tied up in Iraq, or Halliburton's (cough cough...Cheney) coffers...or hell, any of the Bush personal pocket pets. Solution is obvious, right? Print up a bunch of money so the dollar becomes even more worthless, give people rebates and encourgage them to go shopping and buy from the big box crap stores where most of the goods are from China.

Uhmmm...I predict a boom in China's economy within a few hours of the first rebate checks being cashed.