Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crying For Some Respect Here

I've always had mixed feelings about Hillary because of my reluctance to embrace any kind of war machine, especially one funded by a DEMOCRATIC Congress to enable a madman to continue his lunacy. I hold Senator Clinton and all the other Democrats who gave and continue to give Bush/Cheney money for an illegal and immoral war, equally responsible for every single death that resulted. They signed that money away with other people's blood.

But I'm not naive enough to believe the money to run for President comes from thin air. Yes, people like me donate to several candidates online, but let's face it--the presidency is a bought and paid for position. We the people can never match in financial strength they the corporations. In the end what we decide is which group of lobbyists is least offensive to us and we vote for whom they bought. And if Hillary had voted to cut off Dubya the dumb shit, I'm sure there are some deep pockets that would have moved over to someone else whose ethics weren't so entrenched.

That being said, I probably fall somewhere in the undecided right now. I really like the optimism that Obama brings to the presidential derby. I really believe that electing him would score points in the symbolic act column in the eyes of the world. And I have a soft spot for children of immigrants, being one myself. I know what his family had to go through to adjust to this country and I know a lot about some of the reasons they did so. If Obama shares even a fraction of those qualities, he will be an excellent and compassionate leader.

But if the election were held today I can guarantee you that I would have voted for Hillary after two things that slapped me in the face I turn toward the news. The first one was trying to turn Hillary's tears into a Dean Scream event by the media. I'm not surprised they tried, but I am surprised at the mean-spirited attacks that went far beyond what their masters demanded they deliver.

These attacks came from the same talking heads that wouldn't shut up about how cold and unemotional she was for how many years now? I felt like that young woman I was in the 70's who was afraid to show my anger and despair over having my work plagiarized by my boss and called his own because it would prove I wasn't "man enough" for the job.

I wanted to slap the sneers off their prissy little male faces and I wanted to shake some strength into the obedient little women who went along with the tirade for endless newscast upon endless newscast. And more than anything I wanted to vote for Hillary just to piss them off.

But it took the morons demanding that she iron their shirts that literally took my own tears away and turned it into a rage that barely saved my television from turning into a pile of debris reduced to gravel by my trusty old-fashioned iron. Where did they find these dinosaurs? Under what fundamentalist whacko rock did they unearth these cretins? And did they even have a clue that women who didn't even consider themselves Feminists were mentally ticking off a vote for Hillary in their heads?

And in the middle of all this crazy turmoil that sent women in America and some other parts of the world back into the emotional rage of the Feminist stone age, I have just one question. When did Karl Rove start working for Hillary's campaign????

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