Thursday, January 17, 2008

T-Shirt Worthiness, The Art Of Stalking The News

Those of you who are crazed enough to read this blog over a period of time know that I sell my art and sayings on t-shirts, buttons, and assorted gift items through places like Cafepress, Zazzle, and Printfection. In the last couple years I've sold my designs to people in twelve different countries, every state in the US plus Guam and Puerto Rico, and all the Canadian provinces. And fun as it is, even my insane and twisted mind sometimes draws a blank...literally.

That means I resort to haunting the mainstream media and its Bushie masters for t-shirt worthy sayings and ideas. Considering that most of these newsactors have the cranial capacity of a meatloaf, I only have to worry about finding time to put so many free gifts into a design and onto a t-shirt.
It really is hard to choose sometimes. And at others it is ridiculously easy. Hillary crying was a no-brainer. As a woman I've been living with the dual standard all my life so it was easy to find an appropriate design equating tears with strength.

Other times ideas appear as mystical gifts of nonsense that just beg to be dragged into a paint chamber and transformed into wearable absurdity that will make sense for about five minutes, and then die away as one of those strange memories that will be reborn in some thrift store in a few years. Like the moment when I heard a talking head on TV in the other room say "Kucinich...he's a feisty little dude."

I was indifferent to the UFO stuff because 10,000 designers were on it the minute he uttered the words "I saw a UFO." But feisty? That's this weeks' favorite. No matter what people remember about Kucinich in that thrift shop a year or two from now, that feisty little dude will get another moment in their lives.

Or the other one I heard: subprime nation. That just seemed like a really polite and backstabbing way of calling America a banana republic. It begged to become a t-shirt. So I obeyed.

And then there's days when every one of the candidates feels the need to promote God/Jesus/Easter Bunny as their personal savior and running mate. For those days I just add something to my anti-religion shop at Wild Shirt World. I always feel the world is a lot smarter than it appears on the surface when someone feels the same way and buys a shirt or a sticker for their cars from that shop.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a soft spot in my heart for those who bought this shirt.

Let's just say we understand each other on some very deep levels.


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