Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Hear Stupid People

I'm beginning to believe the human species is too stupid to survive. Every day we are hearing the same old crap we heard about Iraq, and every day more and more people put their brains on hold and think well yeah, this crazy guy in Iran hates us and so we need to take him out. Hey guys, everyone hates us these days.

If that was a reason for war, then we'd be taking out Greece who just let Condoleeza Clueless know they weren't going to die in Iran for her. Or any other countries who think that Bush is a madman who responds only to the voices in his head. Read some of the crap he's been saying about those voices in something other than the state-run media.

It doesn't even have to be extremist to get a clear picture of what's going on. Here's some sites I read with my morning coffee: Huffington Post , , Daily Kos , Raw Story .

These sites have a mix of writers who cover all sides with reasonable arguments, instead of the simpering White House Whores over at Faux News morons who wouldn't know a real news story if it snuck up behind them and yelled "Fascist!" to get their blood warm enough to reach their hearts.

And if you never read anything but crazy madwomen's blogs, at least stand up for peace. Let your voice be heard. Teach people that peace is strength, that peace is power, that peace is all that will save our stupid, warmongering asses of a species before it's too late.


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