Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Lies of State

Back in the days when oppressive regimes were the enemy instead of our own government, every bad country had its own propaganda minister. He was eviscerated by American media and those who were our friends, back in the days when America had friends, as a symbol of oppression, as a tool of the political machine, a useful idiot whose only purpose was to spread and disseminate the lies of state. In other words, they did the job that Scott Mclellan did for Bushco.

Underlying the hypocrisy and gallows humor surrounding America having become everything it once opposed, is the pathetic fact that lying has become an American value. We no longer expect honesty from anyone. We expect people to lie, to manipulate us, to cheat us, to do us wrong in the name of politics, religion, making the sale, and love.

This is what the culture of lying that surrounds and permeates the current administration like the smell of rot and decay lingers long after the offending source of the stench has been removed, does for our country. It makes lying normal. It makes personal attacks on people and their loved ones normal. It makes going to war for oil and unresolved daddy issues normal. It makes being mean and cruel and arrogant and selfish normal.

If there is one legacy other than all the unnecessary, awful deaths caused by Bushco's greed, it will be the culture of lying. They will go down in history as the most dishonest, the most manipulative, the most cruel and selfish administration ever.

In light of that sad truth, the new Propaganda Minister for the White House should be our old friend Baghdad Bob. He, above everyone else, exemplifies what Bushco really is all about.

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