Friday, April 07, 2006

Compassionate Liberalism

One of the sad mysteries that I'm trying to understand is what happened to make people so mean? Everywhere I look there is someone making life miserable for someone else for no good reason that I can see. Sure, life is hard for a lot of people. Just being alive is a challenge sometimes. But why has the mean quotient risen so sharply in the last few years?

Of course I can point to some obvious things such as "talk radio" that should more aptly be called "yell radio," or the equivalent on TV where highly paid morons insult each other with the most ridiculous of empty arguments on a daily basis. Or that this horrible war without reason creates an underlying sense of anger in people that drip drip drips from them on the roads where they scream and flip each other off, in the stores where they bump into each other's shopping carts with guttural grunts of indignation, and in relationships where love is slowly eroded by disillusionment, boredom, and outright hatred.

But what I suspect is the true reason is a mass feeling of outrage over being used, abused and manipulated by sleazy lawyers who stepped on and backstabbed so many people they finally made it to the halls of power in congress and the white house. Every day they prove that ethics and the legal profession are never uttered in the same breath. Every day they decide issues on what is legally permissible instead of what is morally and ethically right. All that hairsplitting and their consciences, the little they had to begin with, were lost in the trash heap of legally right but morally wrong manipulations.

When lawyers became so great in number that everywhere you looked one was running something or other, it became a matter of a very short time before our leaders would stop being drawn from the public servants who wanted to do good, and were instead drawn from the scheming hordes of absurdly wealthy and powerfully connected lawyers who sleazed their way to the top of the shit pile.

Think about it...all our vital decisions such as war and peace, death and dying, birth and life has been placed in the hands of those who know only how to lie, cheat and steal their way to a win in the courtroom. We only have to look at the decisions being made to know these people don't care about us, or about the planet, or about each other. They care only about winning, about accumulating the most gains, the most prizes, the most rewards.

And if you think this is bad, the group coming up behind them who are just as large in number and just as greedy? Real Estate agents. Whatever ethics and consciences were left will soon be up for auction.

Therefore, the only sane way out of this mess is to fight back with weapons completely unfamiliar to either groups: compassion, love, peace, caring about people instead of their incomes or places of residence or the labels on their clothes or the size of the cars they drive. That is why I created the design for Compassionate Liberal. It is one I plan on wearing myself quite often and giving as gifts to my friends and family who understand what it means.

If we are too nice to yell and be mean, at least we can still make ourselves read if not heard. And it is like people say...the dog you have to worry about is not the one who barks, but the one who sneaks up silently behind you.

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