Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Green Bears Discuss Immigration

No matter what you think about the immigration issue, the impressive thing is the number of people who turned out who weren't immigrants, legal or otherwise. It makes me think what people really protested against was the disenfranchising of everyone who isn't part of the Stepford Elite that the Republican party has become. Most people in this country are very much like those of several decades ago who were not Fascists, Nazis or Communists. They are apolitical and never gave their vote or party affiliation much thought. Punching that card or screen became a tedious task that one had to do but that meant very little emotionally.

The Bush Theocracy changed all that. People woke up and realized the nuclear trigger is in the hands of a madman who thinks some imaginary playmate is whispering in his ear to nuke the world for jesus. If he wasn't president, he'd be heavily medicated and kept somewhere he couldn't do any harm except shout at ghosts occasionally.

But this is the leader of the country, the head of an administration that has cultivated fear, suspicion, division, and war for the sake of greed. And the congress is worthless either because they've had their silence bought through dirt uncovered in those illegal wiretaps of American citizens, or they are so stunned at the extent of the greed, madness and corruption that passes for the presidency these days that they literally cannot summon up the words to describe their outrage.

Either way, this country is moving closer to choosing a third party rather than the War Party or their accommodating minions in Congress. It's time to clean house, and the senate, and the presidency. It's time to open some eyes.

I made this design after the immigration rallies because I am certain the whole issue began as this election year's wedge issue, the gay marriage button pusher of 2006. It backfired on them. But they will keep trying because to lose any of the elections is to move closer to the jail cells that await them for being the thieves and war criminals they are. All they are left with are the cheap tricks of last year that fooled only the most moronic of their base: throw two dudes up on the tv during prime time, have them lock lips, and the screams of terror will propel the horrified populace to the ballot boxes to cast votes for more Republicans.

Only this time the lip-lockers will be Mexican because that way they won't completely lose out on the immigration issue.


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