Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wild Creatures

I am a solitary creature who enjoys my own company. I'm not anti-social or overly weird or too scary. I do have friends, great friends, loving and loyal friends. But after a long time being together, we are like old married people who desperately need a break from each other.

And there are also times when I love my friends, but as people...well they let me down every once in a while. They reveal themselves to be mere mortals. They commit the worst sin imaginable...they reveal themselves to be ordinary! Just like everyone else on the planet...demented, weird, wanting, longing, and so damn needy I often feel bled dry by them at different times.

Because they've been my friends for a long time I am willing to step back, give us all some room, and then hope everyone shape shifts back to the charming, intelligent, witty, tolerant and accepting creatures they are normally.

But on some issues the cracks are exposed and I'm not sure they can ever be patched back together again so that no one notices too much. One of those issues is immigration. There doesn't seem to be a neutral ground in this argument. It's yet one more polarizing issue brought to us by politicians so infected by greed that anything human gets by them completely.

In a perfect world, one I dream about, one I hope to see in my lifetime, there are no borders. But the world is not perfect and the reality is that if this country shuts out immigrants we will not be any safer, any more secure, any more prosperous. The looting of our treasury and resources to fund a madman's war, has created a whole new class of poor and desperate people.

I live in a neighborhood where people's jobs are car prowling, identity theft, drugs, and stealing anything to survive to the next meal or next fix or next month's rent. How do you build a fence against that when all the money to do so has been stolen by our criminal government? How do you protect yourself against the next generation, the one that is fed Ritalin as if it were candy or are so tranquilized because overworked teachers can't cope with them if they aren't perfect little kids? Do you have perpetual wars and just kill them off as they get old enough to do serious damage at home to us?

I also feel that if someone wants to come here so badly they are willing to work crap jobs for less money than anyone legal would get for the same job, they deserve a chance to stay. They've demonstrated the kind of work ethic that built this country. They are willing to do the hardest, crappiest work and even die in our perpetual wars as green card soldiers. Isn't that the kind of resolve that made this country something special in the eyes of the rest of the world?

Sadly, I think immigrants are the new distraction for the failed Republican policies. As long as quack radio and whacko white people news actors keeps hammering home the idea that these people are the problem, no one will look at the real problem of those greedy, selfish, fanatical, lying, thieving, cheating, murdering war and hate mongers who have created conditions in this country that makes us all illegal aliens. They care about us about as much as they care about something on the bottom of their shoes. That is the real threat, not a bunch of Mexicans who work their ass off for shit wages.

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