Monday, April 03, 2006

This Immigrant Thing

I started a new store today to add my political and semi-political and on the edge of acceptable stuff.

  • Immigrant's Landing

  • Mostly I wanted to express my feeling that this whole immigration argument is an extension of the divide and conquer argument that seems to be the Republican's entire party platform. If they can't win you over with ideas, then the next best thing they figure is to divide people against each other, feed each group a measured amount of bullshit until they barf it back at each other and call it democracy.

    And while everyone is at each other's throats, then they sneak around behind our backs like the mean little cowards they are and start another war.

    Isn't it clear enough that unless we all get along with each other and learn to treat each other with respect, then we will continue to be ants in their demented antfarm?

    If you hate, if you preach intolerance, if you practice vengeance, if you are just a plain old mean person, then you play right into their hands. You help them cover the planet with a blanket of greed, and hate, and perpetual wars. Is this what you want? Aren't you better than that?

    As far as the immigrant issue, if you aren't a Native American, then you are an immigrant. All we are really arguing about is the timing of our arrivals.


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