Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Green Bears

I've been collecting bear-related stuff for Ursine Logic pages for awhile now, so it wasn't a problem of enough material, but rather one of choosing the best material for what I wanted to say and do. So today I finally settled on the green bears. They are where I've been putting my political stuff.

The reason I chose these guys is because I wanted to establish myself firmly in my political identity of Compassionate Liberal. I wanted a way to comment on politics and politicians that wasn't mean-spirited. I wanted humor, caring, and an honest sense of bewilderment that people are not as smart as the average bear when it comes to making up their own minds.

This was never made clearer to me than on Easter. I saw little kids running and crawling around in the wet and muddy grass after the rains of the day before. They were all decked out in miniature wedding finery--with ears and without, and they were engaging in some ancient fertility ritual of stuffing eggs into baskets as they hopped all over the damn place. And all this while their parents proudly filmed the whole thing.

It's a weird sort of kiddie porn when you look at it from one angle, the same angle that looks at religion and sees it for what it truly is--the biggest bucket of damn excuses for human behavior that was ever created. If someone commits a socially acceptable act, then god made them do it, the angel's hands (or wings, as it were) guided them, they were blessed by saints of all shapes, sizes, and stages of demented philosophizing. On the other hand, if the act was socially unacceptable, such as spending the afternoon seducing the neighbor's wife, or taking an ax to that annoying guy who insists on exposing himself every day...well, of course, that was the devil's fault wasn't it?

So the green bears will be discussing stuff like this in more depth over the coming weeks. Do check back often and see what they have to say.

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