Saturday, September 24, 2005

Silencing The Human Heart

Monogamy is an unnatural act created by the Religionistas to keep the population under its idea of moral control. It is unnatural because it requires suppressing desires, emotions, and love in order to experience desire, emotions, and love in a controlled environment. These cruel dogmatists who long ago lost touch with their hearts, further demand that we never deviate from the rules they arbitrarily set to further their own agendas. One of the worst things about such limits is that they impede our natural maturation process . It keeps us in an infantile state where things are reduced to mine and not mine. This fake innocence is ideal as a tool to deny all responsibility for one's own humanity, and it creates the perfectly mindless pseudo-human to manipulate as needed for meaningless jobs and wars. A person afraid to think or feel according to the rhythms of his or her own heart is no longer a fully sentient being.

I've heard all the excuses, all the pseudo-science that claims absurdities such as the male fights off all other males because he is "biologically" compelled to make certain only legitimate heirs inherit his valued property and other possessions, and that females seek out such barbarians because it proves his studliness if he comes after her like some damned caveman and bestows a whole litter of baby barbarians on her.

Such thinking dates from the time wives were considered property and is therefore especially offensive to women who presently consider themselves more than cattle. And if those whose narrow little minds profess such "science" truly believe this crap, then how do they explain cultures who, prior to DNA testing, traced lineage according to the mother because they were certain she gave birth to the child? They knew the father, more than likely, was a passing ship in the night, a lover that stole the heart instead of the house, or often, the secret desire that was socially unacceptable--anything but the sperm donor listed on the birth certificate.

With the advent of reliable paternity tests and nearly foolproof birth control, such excuses no longer hold. The cultural concept of "owning" another human being is offensive, yet the Religionistas would have us believe we must abide by their moral code in order to have a healthy relationship. The most depressing part of their insistence that we do so is based on denying everything we feel that is not sanctioned by their groups whose missions are based primarily on social control of the masses, and not for any personal concern for our health, sanity, and constitutionally guaranteed happiness.

How can a relationship be healthy if it denies the emotional reality of being human? In order not to love anyone but the accepted partner, we have to shut down our hearts. How can that be healthy? How can adults develop rewarding and spiritually enhancing friendships if they are prevented from following their hearts and minds completely? How do they ever develop a sense of self based in acceptance and worth if one partner, under the influence of the Religionistas and their slavishly addicted minions, seeks to control and limit what is allowed and what is permitted?

Jealousy, like hate, is not in the best interest of the human spirit. It doesn't feel good to give it or to receive it, so why does it even exist in our lives? Why can't we love more than one person? It's not that we are unable to or incapable of such a thing; it is that we have been told it is wrong and therefore impossible. So instead of bringing more light into our lives, we cut it off by choosing between one or another when more than one gets our attention. We bought the lie that we are limited in how much we can love, how much we can feel, how much of life we can authentically live before we catch the attention of those who have the power to pronounce "too much" with all the authority of some fanatic deity bent on human enslavement.

Are we so creatively deficient as a species that we must accept such rigid categories for emotional truths? Do we have such tiny little brains that we can't entertain different levels of love and friendship? Must all categories of human interaction exist solely on the level of teenage lust? And must that lust have value only if it is completely our lust and no one else's?

When will we finally be old enough and free enough to officially become adults and make our own choices based solely on the desires of our hearts and minds instead of marching mindlessly to the bleating of cruel Religionistas and other selfish cultists? When will we grow our own damn wings before it is too late?

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