Wednesday, September 21, 2005

De-evolution Of The Species

I've been a Pacifist for most of my life because I prefer to feel a steady calm inside my heart instead of an anxious drumbeat of fear and adrenaline. It's why I pick spiders and other bugs up from drains and off my walls and put them outside. I don't do this because I have any special love for them, but because I feel that to kill them is to invite violence to take up residence inside my body. Anything you invite in, intentionally or otherwise, eventually makes itself comfortable, even if you no longer want to share your space with it.

I also refuse to waste my time with hate. That takes work. You have to get up in the morning and tell yourself convincingly enough to believe it, that today you are going to develop a seething, burning, stomach lining shredding hatred for everyone and everything. Then you have to exert enormous amounts of energy to keep it going, to maintain it at a certain level so it is genuine hate and not merely dislike or simple annoyance.

Inside each of us there still exists somewhere inside, all the good seeds we were packaged with: love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, acceptance, and a peaceful nature. We were meant to go through life paying attention and learning from what we saw so we could put it all to use and grow into complete and evolved human beings. We were meant to grow these seeds to help us open our eyes and hearts enough to become more than we were at birth, to excel at being human, to do something wonderful with our lives, and then leave behind gifts grown from that awareness to those who came after we passed on.

Hate detracts from this purpose. It makes useless people. It makes humans unable to accomplish anything but hatred and its by-products: intolerance, violence, war, loneliness, and disillusionment. It is exhausting to hate. It is a waste of time creating enemies to hate. It is a pathetic legacy to inflict on future generations who would prefer a much nicer gift. It is such a pitiful squandering of our true value. But most of all, hate is the product of people who have made a willful choice to nurture it instead of love.

In light of such an absurdity, it is clear that we are doomed as a species unless we make an equally willful choice to love. And if we refuse to make that choice, then it is only fair to the other planets that we take ourselves out by choosing war-mongering morons as our leaders before we do too much more damage. Such leaders will make sure there is nothing left of us to pass on to future generations. They will make sure there aren't even any future generations.

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