Monday, September 12, 2005

Love as a Superpower

One of the lies we are told throughout our lives is that love cannot change the world. This is so wrong! The truth is complicated, but at the root of it lies this: we have no patience and so instead of starting small, we try and do too much at once...such as bombing the crap out of a country to make it love us.

It is much more effective to start with the small little orbit of ourselves first. If we are to free ourselves from the abusive disorder that allows us to choose sociopaths and psychopaths to fill the positions of pack leaders, we must first stomp on those seeds in ourselves.

I'm not talking about getting all syrupy sweet to the point where we want to drown ourselves in a tub of self-righteous goo, but I am talking about changing the way we go through life a step at a time.

Be nice to people. It really is that simple. Just try it for a few days. Instead of being the total, inconsiderate, pig-headed, slovenly thinking, piece of bovine excrement that gets us through the day of bosses who double as idiot sons/daughters/spouses of the owner, or drivers who lack only those horrible spiky things on the Ben Hur chariots to complete their shredder attitude on the road, or the realization that our true love turned into the toad he was meant to be all along, or revealed herself as a princess who has perfected whining as a divine instrument of torture, why not shine all these cretins on as passing irritants--mere flies on the perfect windshield of the world. It's all they deserve. So why give them more?

Live in Peace and you will prosper.

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