Thursday, September 15, 2005

Psychopaths in Love

How can some people be so messed up? I know all the psychological and social reasons we are given, all the psychosomatic theories, all the socio-economic realities, all of those things are undoubtedly true petals in the fetid flowers of social misfits.

I will also accept that you just don't want to have some people be more sane then they are. While they are whacko, they are still at the mercy of getting caught and temporarily put away. But if they can minimally function and also have the ability to either escape from or buy their way out of too much scrutiny, then they get themselves elected president and we're all screwed.

I believe that we are an ill nation populated with millions of abused children who were victimized by alcoholics, druggies, too much tv, an overabundance of intellectual explanations for the meaning of life, and not enough emotional reaction to the absurdity of life.

The only deficiency most of us suffer from is a lack of love. There is no drug for this. There is no therapy for this. There is nothing for it really. Some just need more love than others, just as some people can sit out in the sun all day and others like the cool dampness of ocean breezes.

But to not have enough love, that is the ultimate mental illness because it eats at your soul, chews through the remains of your heart, tunnels through your brain and finally emerges as its own intellectual solution to life.

Most of my friends are refugees from dysfunctional families. We are still dysfunctional. There are times we are downright disgustingly dysfunctional. But we all know the secret carried by each and everyone of us: we brake for love, no matter how ill-advised, crazed, unsuitable, inappropriate--it doesn't matter. We drink it. We devour it. We bathe in it. We dig it up with our shovels of hope and bury ourselves in it and while it is good, it is very very good.

And because we are such optimists as is any fool who persistently, despite all odds, against all truth, against all reality and advice, continues to believe in love, we shower, rinse and repeat...forever.

Love and you will be loved.

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