Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Demonic Masochists

America is a country obsessed with chasing its own demons. The problem is that so many don't choose their demons. They let unsavory sorts with more hair than brains who lurk in the shadowy corners and cesspools of true believerdom, choose for them. They make gods of these hairsprayed and tooth whitened televanglists, hate radio shit spewers, and mentally ill fake prophets who preach from the soiled sanctuary of church pulpits.

For a country that prides itself on hearty, rugged individualism, it comes off most of the time as a herd of sheep with bad attitudes waiting for someone with a far worse attitude to tell them who is to blame this week for the current sorry state of the world.

It is even more appealing to them if this bad-attitude, sheople gang wannabee preaches that jesus wants them to kill something or someone for him. That makes their religions accessories to murder and turns them into not too bright mafia families salivating over a godfather who demands they go out and kill to win his favor.

Surely there must be someone kinder to elevate to such a stature. Or maybe people just need to be kinder so they won't be drawn to such bad boys and troublemakers.

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