Monday, September 08, 2008

Why Isn't Sarah Palin Pregnant?

Sarah Palin is a member of Feminists for Life who share the view of extreme fetus-fanatics that birth control is a form of abortion.

"Today, pro-life groups in the U.S. are reclassifying the most common contraception methods, including the birth control pill, the patch, the IUD and the depo-shot, as “abortifacients,” claiming, with no scientific backing, that they cause abortions. On their website, Feminists for Life classifies emergency contraception as an abortion method. If this were true, Feminists for Life should also classify 40 percent of all birth control methods as abortion methods because they all have the same mode of action as emergency contraception. Feminists for Life's colleague, the American Life League, shares this view explaining, “We have been working to prove that prescription contraceptives have nothing to do with women's health and well-being but are recreational drugs that prevent fertilization and abort children.” Northern Kentucky Right to Life will only endorse candidates who believe the use of the standard birth control pill constitutes abortion. Most chillingly, Army of God, a pro-life organization that lists those who murder abortion providers as “heroes,” also classifies birth control as an abortion method. On the “Birth Control is Evil” section of their website they explain, quite threateningly, “Birth control is evil and a sin. Birth control is anti-baby and anti-child…Why would you stop your own child from being conceived or born? What kind of human being are you?”" read more

So, either Ms. Caribou Barbie is following the tenets of abstinence only that her daughter failed to heed, or she is using birth control. Which is it?

And for those who think it is nobody's business, then why is it okay for Palin and others who believe as she does that it's okay to legislate what goes on in the bedroom of homosexuals? If they get their heads out of other people's sex lives, then I will too. But as long as they continue to try and define what is normal sex and with whom, then it's only fair that questions about Ms. Moose's potential use of birth control pills, condoms, or other "unnatural" methods to avoid pregnancy is a question she needs to answer, especially if her beliefs lead to a ban on these methods should the unspeakable happen and she is put in a position to enforce her insane views.

So, come you ain't pregnant?

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