Saturday, September 06, 2008

Caribou Barbie, the Stealth Dominionist

While everyone debates among themselves whether John McCain's choice of a snowbilly named Sarah Palin is proof that he's finally lost what was left of his mind, let's remember the party putting forth the nomination is known for its distractions to cover up disturbing facts. In Ms. Moose, they are covering up far more than the typical unethical criminal actions for which they've become so well known; they are taking one more step toward erasing completely the line separating church and state.

This is from a posting in August 29th's Daily Kos:

"There are quite a number of extremely troubling links between Sarah
Palin and neopentecostal dominionists--enough that, in truth, she may
be ultimately as much of a "dream candidate" for the dominionist
movement as Mike Huckabee was. Even worse, she's running in a manner
that has been frighteningly successful for dominionist groups since the
early 80's--specifically, as a "stealth candidate". read more

In case you want to read more about who the Dominionists are, here's a few links to get you started:

Wikipedia entry

"The Crusaders" from Rolling Stone

Replacing the Constitution with Theocracy

If someone can explain to me how this is different than the Taliban or other religious fanatics, I'd be very interested. In the meantime, if you ever needed a reason to vote against John McCain, preserving what's left of the US Constitution is a damned good one. When measured against the fanatical theocracy of the Bush regime, all of a sudden it makes sense why Bush perceived America's most precious document as a mere piece of paper. It was something in the way of achieving his most cherished dream: an American version of the religious extremism and fanaticism that he claims he's fighting the war on terror against. Maybe he needs to add his dominionist buddies to that list.

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