Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sudden Sexism Conversion

If it wasn't so ludicrous and hypocritical I'd be laughing my ass off at the Republicans' sudden awakening to the idea of women as something more than baby-making machines for Jesus. Instead I remember back to just a few weeks ago when they were still caught up in the throes of evil feminazi terrorists who wanted to lesbianize their virgin daughters. Now remind me folks, who was it who portrayed Hillary as some frigid ball busting devil-tongued beast just because she dared to be something more than Bill's long-suffering cookie baking sidekick? Who made horrible comments about Chelsea's appearance numerous times over the year? Who accused Hillary of pimping her daughter for politics with the same breath they gushed over Palin's pimping her entire family, including the infamous baby daddy at the Republican convention? And who in this newly awakened and suddenly reformed Republican party thought it was okay to refer to Michele Obama as Obama's baby mama? So excuse me you hypocritical assholes if I don't buy your sudden conversion to the side of truth and justice and equal rights for women. You're no more suddenly un-sexist just because you're running someone with a vagina for VP then I would be an un-atheist just by walking inside one of your hate-filled churches. So quit the fuck pandering to me because I ain't buying your crap.

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