Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Only when it's someone else's bedroom

If the Republican party still had a few delusions left that it could draw anything to it but rightwing crackpots, it threw those to the hurricane strength winds driving their karma up the gulf when it started screaming about the "liberal media" going after Palin's daughter. read more

First of all, Ms. Palin of the multiple investigations into your sleazy life, when you make it your business what everyone does in the privacy of their bedrooms and try and cram your abstinence only crap down people's throats, your daughter's oopsie pregnancy is news because it points out the failures of that policy.

Second of all, it's only a "liberal media" because someone other than Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or anyone of your toadies is focusing on one of your own instead of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, or any other Democrat caught in a sex scandal. If you really want to get nasty, how about trying to explain why all the Republican scandals involve little boys and girls and the Democrats involve consenting adults. Really, the liberal media all over the world would like to hear you answer that question.

But I suppose you're too busy to answer that one as it takes a lot of time to peep inside the bedrooms of Gays and Lesbians, time that would be better spent teaching your daughter how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy rather than remembering how to keep her legs together and hollering for Jesus to help her resist those raging hormones.

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