Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleeping With the Bosses

I'm taking a break from the family chronicles to mention some of the latest implosions by the Republican party. Oh my it does my heart good to see these hypocrites finally pay for their sins. And as always the ick factor is really high, especially for the McCain in bed with lobbyists story. You have to wonder what she got for that creepfest. Uhmmm...didn't we just have some kind of vote or something about immunity for some telecoms or other? Now that couldn't possibly be related now, could it?

Another story is surprise! Karl Rove turned out to be the slimebag we (except for the mainstream media) always knew he was.

And in a cherry on top type of moment, Tony Snow, AKA as Press Room Bob, will continue the charade of pretend journalism over at Faux News instead of the previous fantasy land gig at that big old white house in DC. Wonder if he'll get his own set of mouse ears.

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