Friday, February 22, 2008

The Cult of Obama

After being faced with a lineup of religious crazies like Huckabee, lobbyist boinkers like McCain, finding out that a lot of the GOP base think Mormons like Romney are a cult, and that whacked out nut job Ron Paul who is the Republicans Ralph Nader and Ross Perot all rolled into one refusing to go away, the only thing the party Kool-Aid dispensers have left is to refer to those who are Obama supporters as cultists. Uh, excuse me...but if I recall correctly it was the Republicans in Congress who didn't dare vote outside the party line or their wide stances would show up on the evening news, who made the word "cult" into an everyday phenomenon.

Like most people who can still think instead of bleat, and who support Obama for President, I dedicate this design from my Cafepress shop Ursine Logic:


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