Monday, August 27, 2007

Vick, Bush, and Sanctioned Cruelty

Just like the festering boil that is the Bush administration, Michael Vick also is symbolic of a deep sickness in America right now. One of the oldest sayings is that rot starts from the top down and it sure is true these days. We have a President who lies, who cheats, who heads one of the most corrupt and immoral administrations this country has ever known. If the bought and paid for Presstitutes dared to cover the news they would be letting people know the extent of Bushco's thievery.

But the connection between a President who made torture a legacy of his administration and a sick fuck who hangs and drowns dogs is too close. Read what his neo-con criminal buddy Kristof revealed about the sickest piece of shit to ever hold office in this country Dubya's early kills. And people expect Bush to care about people dying in Iraq? He cares only about lining his own pockets and feeding his sick addictions.

And so does Michael Vick. He is the poster child for everything that is wrong in this country right now. In spite of a lavish and well-funded lifestyle, and living and playing in a world of privilege beyond most Americans, he couldn't shake the sickness of his early life. He couldn't say no to anything. He couldn't limit himself. He couldn't set aside the cruelty, the need to be overlord to something smaller and weaker. He couldn't set aside the addiction to blood lust. He couldn't be a real man in a world that defines real men only by the symbols they surround themselves with to hide the truth: big cars, big wars, expensive toys, and something smaller to humiliate and control. He is the symbol of a man who bought all the hype and none of the substance. Just like George Bush. Just like those who voted for him.

And the media, trained and humiliated and controlled lapdogs that they are, report the story of Michael Vick and breath thankful sighs he wasn't "personally" gambling. They report this as if it were far worse than torturing a small animal. Or a human being. Or killing a nation of human beings because they weaker, smaller, poorer, and easy to portray as "the enemy." Just as they report all the drama of war without covering any of the ugly truths they were complicit in creating. Just as they make the victims somehow complicit in the crimes committed against them. Just as they cover only what they've been ordered to cover and ignore the rest and therefore create more Michael Vicks, more cruel Presidents, more deaths, more corruption, more despair, more examples of what is wrong with the world instead of what is right with it.

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