Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cindy Sheehan VS. Nancy Pelosi

The day after the congressional elections last year was the first time I felt a sense of optimism and a lessening of the fear that came from knowing there was a psychopath in charge of America's nuclear weapons. When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House, I cried because I had lived long enough to see a woman break through the congressional glass ceiling. I foolishly believed she would be the first boat on the rising tide of adults taking over the responsible running of the government. Finally there would be accountability. Finally there would be an end to this unjust and illegal war. Finally someone was going to take over and say enough!

But now, months later and numerous cavings in to the Bush agenda, the removal of impeachment off the table, and a war that no one has the balls to put a stop to, I feel betrayed by Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democratic congress. I am angry that I was used to move them forward in their careers because that's all it was...a career move up the congressional ladder. There is no difference anymore between Democrats and Republicans. They are part of the same beast funded by greasy oil dollars funneled into a never-ending war machine.

I don't like feeling betrayed. I don't like feeling used. And most of all I don't like being treated like a fool. But there's a remedy for it, something I can do immediately. I don't live in California but my online store does. I don't know how people feel about Nancy Pelosi in California right now. I don't know who she is anymore or who is behind her monetarily. All I know is that I can help defeat her in the upcoming election if I put enough effort into it. All I know is that I can start today and work to put someone in Nancy Pelosi's place who understands my anger right now, my anger every time someone else dies in Bush's sick and twisted war machine, my anger every time some corrupt asshole on his umpteenth wife and fat from under the table campaign contributions has the nerve to use the word "moral" in public.

I have made three designs supporting her very qualified opposition, and I will continue to make more. I will write blog entries. I will post in forums I frequent. I will work harder than I have ever worked to replace her with Cindy Sheehan. I will do this because I know Cindy will do something about the war that cost her a son. If Nancy Pelosi lost her son in Iraq then maybe she would understand my anger and the motivation of someone like Cindy Sheehan to run against her. Maybe if Nancy Pelosi hadn't lost touch with the people who put her in power, she would understand what the voters give they can also take away.

Please support Cindy Sheehan's run for Nancy Pelosi's seat. Write Nancy Pelosi and let her know you've switched your vote and why. Let her know how angry and how disappointed you are that she abandoned the principles she was put in office to uphold. Let her know you've had enough of the charade and are voting for someone who cares what you think.

And please support the only real anti-war candidate out there, Dennis Kucinich. He has been effectively diminished by the war machine for daring to speak against war. He may not be in the running for the Presidency unless we all wake up with a heart, soul and conscience that hasn't been slimed by the mass media. But he can be the winning candidate's Vice-President. He can be the message we send to Congress that every district has a Cindy Sheehan and they had better listen to the voters or they will be replaced by those candidates. And one day when we are mature enough to make up our own minds and not believe the war machine's hype, he will make a decent President who will not start a war because his daddy liked Jeb best.

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BigMoose said...

That was about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So what, Sheehan's son dies in Iraq, that makes her a politician. You liberals should go live somewhere else if you don't like it here.

Freethinking Libertarian said...

At least we "liberals" don't have to go to public toilets to find dates like you pathetic Repubublican trolls. So, how much did you earn for that comment? 3 or 4 cents? Sad...maybe one day they'll let you think for yourself again. I'm not a Christian so I won't pray for you, but I will drink to the day you learn what it means to live free and not be tied to any one master like some fucking prison bitch.