Friday, August 18, 2006

Pink's Song "Dear Mr. President"

I've had Pink's heartwrenching song "Dear Mr. President" as my profile song for several months now. The first time I listened to it I cried. A few days ago I shared a bulletin with the song and some images that were powerful and heartbreaking at the same time. I also cried but there were tears of anger as I watched these images of war and the horrors that grew stronger because of Bush's attempt to bomb another country into his hallucination of democracy. I wept angry tears at the legacy he is leaving behind such as torture, the loss of innocent people, the complete and total destruction of the lives and homes of those who had nothing to do with the reasons, the excuses, the lies that started the Iraq war. I felt angry that because of him and his actions, much of the world sees us as inseparable from his policies. We are him in the eyes of the world. It made me more determined to speak up and let at least the small part of the world I can reach see that he does not represent ALL of us.

Then today I watched the version where Pink is singing to an audience with her other bandmembers. I saw the same anger, the same passion, the same despair in her eyes as she sang that are in me. I felt her reasons for writing it. I KNEW them as well as I know my own passion for peace, for justice, for the equal and humane treatment of all living beings. I felt her frustration and rage that such things still go in this so-called civilized world, and within moments I was crying harder than the other times. There was something in her face and in the face of her audience that was painful to watch because it was the raw emotion of witnessing mass injustice and knowing who was reponsible, and knowing he walks free while others die for his madness. I saw people singing along with the same passion, the same anger, the same disgust at this awful excuse for a President.

When the song ended I felt something growing in me, a fire to do something, a desire to not sit back and let those who shout write the script of my life and the lives of those in places like Iraq. Often I tend to adopt the quiet path of small change instead of being confrontive, or rude, or mean or abusive because I feel that way change grows stronger because it is more solid, more carefully nurtured and tended.

I still believe that and will continue to do that, but I also want to be more active, be more out there with my voice because so many people retreat into themselves when the world becomes as horrible as it is now and it us up to the loud voices to draw them and us out.

There are many ways to be loud. Write letters to the editor because the warmongers fill the space with their very loud voices. Call those same radio and tv talk shows where people yell at each other and call it news. Make your voice as loud as theirs. If you see biased coverage or stories, call the stations and complain. The warmongers certainly do when they see something that displeases them. Call advertisers and threaten boycotts if they don't start forcing publications and other media to provide balanced coverage of events instead of using them as opportunities to instill fear in the vulnerable. Get as loud and as active as those who are and continue to be responsible for inflicting the cruelest, most ignorant and shallow president on us that we've ever had. Let people know he does NOT speak for you.
Here are the latest designs I made as a response to my anger. Buy a shirt or give one as a gift. They help spread the word that Bush needs a congress that can challenge him instead of kissing his ass so they can feed at the war trough with him.

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