Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mean People STILL Suck

People often say that it doesn't matter who is president or who makes up congress because it has no real world effect on THEM. While in many ways I agree, especially when we only seem to have a real choice between right-wing Christian whackos who make the Taliban seem moderate and lukewarm Republican-lites. Somehow, someone defined the rules while most Americans were sleeping and made it okay to deviate from the middle on one side and not the other.

I want to know how come it's okay to be an out there whack job if you're a Republican and not okay if you're a Liberal Democrat? You mean to tell me it's okay to form a party based on such mean and cruel crap such as discrimination against people based on their gender, their spiritual beliefs, their income, their appearance, and it's not okay to form one that wants equality for all human beings regardless of gender, religion, nationality, sexual preference, income, color of skin? Who made these rules, and why are we helping to enforce them with our silence and indifference?

As for not affecting us, well yes, it does. You see, these people who are currently running things are what is referred to as "rot from the top down." When the Republican party begins to stand for things like greed, corruption on a scale that over-shadows all political scandals to date, perpetual war to enrich the War Party, and downright hatred of anyone who isn't white and strapped into a restraining suit and tie and has butt burns from endless hours on church pew, then the rot begins to infect us all.

In a government without accountability, people get the idea that it's okay to do whatever they want. Human decency gets lost in the need to be first in line by shoving others out of the way, fastest on the freeway by cutting off other cars, the quickest to buy and turn over a piece of property and put it out of reach for the average person who can't afford to speculate on a place to live--and then make laws punishing people for being homeless.

It creates a society where the wealthy compete with each other to see who can hire the cheapest labor and thereby increase the profit higher than his or her competitor. It creates a society where there are only the wealthy and those who serve them. It creates a taxation system that is more unfair than the one during feudal times. It creates a society that cares more about a blob in a Petri dish than it does a child who is forced to live on the street for lack of social safety nets. It creates a society without a heart that sucks the blood from those who have nothing left but their hearts.

And you still believe it doesn't affect you?

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