Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Are You Being Used?

It's not easy to convince someone that he or she needs to kill another human being. It takes time and effort and the right seeds. It takes a cheering section of already convinced plants to lead the call to kill, kill, and kill some more. It takes emotional language: war, revenge, payback, pre-emptive defense, spreading democracy, eminent domain, the right of kings, acquisition of territory, theft of resources, or any other variation of the same theme, to get people to agree to let others kill in their name. And it all comes down to one carefully planted and tended seed.

That seed is the product of an industry whose only purpose is war and the products of war and the selling of those products to countries at war. It has nothing to do with ideology except as something to manipulate in order to do their business unchecked. These whores of war will pretend to be fundamentalist Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other belief that will allow them to become rich on the sales of their wares. They are Atheists when they sell arms to socialist and communist regimes. They are believers when they are required to be believers. But they really believe in only one thing: the obscene profits of the armaments industry and how they can get their share by legal, illegal, and mostly immoral means.

They will create an enemy that is scary enough to rally everyone around their demands for war. They will attack with all their means those who threaten their free reign to sell weapons of mass destruction to any country they want. Those who object to their lies and manipulations are labeled treasonous traitors, liberals, extremists or any other term that is the antithesis of what their hand chosen cheerleaders believe.

And they own these cheerleaders because they bought their loyalties by holding pep rallies with free hotdogs, massive quantities of corn-syrup sweetened beverages, watery beer, and music that is the country-western version of Wagnerian calls to war. They trained them with inspirational speakers, televangelists, big box churches. They trained them to spread their seeds of hate. They use them to attack visible groups that are "not them" such as homosexuals, non-white and non-Christian ethnic groups, foreign countries, and of course--those opposed to war and senseless stupid killing. They know that people who hate are easily manipulated into doing their bidding, no matter how vile and how evil. They tell them god is on their side. They tell them their weapons will prevent another 9/11. They tell them god wants them to kill.

These cheerleaders become willing soldiers in the war between good and evil. Good is the side that makes the merchants of death even wealthier. Evil is anything that stands in the way of their excessive profits. The hatred they spread is mainlined into them with narcotic frequency. It is spewed at them from hate radio. It is regurgitated at them from fake news shows whose mission is to sow division and fear. The cheerleaders end up believing in this hate far more than they ever believed in any god.

And once they are so completely trained, they will come for you, for your mind, for your heart, for your fears, for your prejudices and biases, for your desire to belong and not be judged for being different, for your lack of love and acceptance, for your need to believe. They will use and twist you until you hate and then they will have you as a willing servant to their sick and perverted souls. And the merchants of war will have free reign to continue unchecked their pursuit of their one true god: wealth and the power it brings.

Are you strong enough to resist them? Are you strong enough to stand for peace and against war? Are you strong enough to stand down hate with love? Are you strong enough to defeat them? Are you strong enough to accept that a seed is one small piece of a very large world, but without it, there is no forest, no country, no planet. Are you strong enough to be that seed?

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