Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fleecing The Sheep In An Election Year

The First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

For those of you who spend more time worrying about arming bears than your rapidly vanishing personal freedoms, let me break it down for branch of American government, whether it is Congress, the President, or paid lobbyists for corporate spirituality has the right to establish ANY form of religion as the law of the land.

That includes them ALL. Get it? No matter what you want to believe, America is a country of Free Thought by law. It is not a country of Christianity, Judaism, Bozoism, or any variation of the themes. It is a nation whose earliest document some are so fond of quoting when it's about guns, also says right above that amendment, that no one can force their religious beliefs on everyone else.

You can't have one amendment without the other. Either give up your guns or give up your religious freedom. It's not pick one and ignore the rest. It's all or none.

And as far as that thing with the money and god, well the truth is that the regular use of "In God We Trust" on US coins did not begin until 1908.

"In God We Trust" was not made an official motto of the United States until 1956, and the motto did not appear on paper money until 1957.

So much for the claim of that one and only deity being around since our forefathers amused themselves by shooting the crap out of each other while stinking drunk. God didn't get into the fight until your grandpa got into his first brawl over religion...1908. Unless our founding fathers had some kind of longevity serum in their veins, they were long dead by the time our money was altered to suit the political whores of religious pandering.

Therefore, when the pious pleas for your hard-earned money start flying around the pulpits and state-run media, just remember...if they lie to you about our founding fathers and religion, what else are they lying about? Do you really want to pay for that kind of misguided and foolish nonsense?

And it's a perfect time as you are calling them on these lies, to have them show you in what book, in what document, they think gives them the right to spread hate, war, intolerance and just plain stupidity without decent people calling bullshit on them?

And if you are a believer and want to be pandered to in the name of equality, I've made some designs to publicize that you too were left out of the founding fathers early days of constructing what would become the laws of this country, and it is time your palm was greased with some silver...or at least a nice bridge across some swampland or something.

Actually, since our founding fathers did not choose a religious framework for our country, Atheists might have a valid claim that American is an Atheist nation.

Wear these designs and strike fear in the mean little hearts of those who can't see beyond their own ignorance when it comes to human rights. They will know the truth is out there and you are wearing it.

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