Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Worst Theft of All

By now most of us are over the shock and just stand in awe at the blatant destruction for personal gain of the Rapture Republicans. They live as if there were no tomorrow because that is what they believe: there is no tomorrow. Think about it. No tomorrow. If you believed that, if you believed that whatever you did would never be punished, never be accounted for, never challenged as wrong and selfish just because you did it while on your knees, would you do what these greedy and corrupt bastards have done and continue to do?

I think most people would not. This is a special kind of greed that was deliberately shaped in the past by such pre-indoctrination as burning down the library in Alexandria because the knowledge contained within was so vast and so contradictory to the christian brainwashing then in effect that it was considered heresy.

It is a particularly evil kind of ignorance that burned books like the Nazis did because they contained philosophies that did not take into account the rich, white, land-owning christian man ruling over everyone else. It is an especially moronic and manipulated idiot that continues to do this in the many small pockets of ignorance that continue to build " stupid people" bonfires in the present day for artists like Michael Moore and the Dixie Chicks for the imagined crime of daring to speak out against lies, war, and more lies.

Those who engage in hate and ignorance-spewing rationalize their twisted actions because the voices in their heads told them to, and their hate-spewing radio stations told them to. But especially because they learned crap in schools that were dumbed down by making education not something you learned but something you endured in the process of making social connections so one day in the future you could pat a totally inept, in way-over-his head moron on the back and say "heckuva job brownie."

These idiots are the manipulated fools who were bought with cheap hot dogs, marching bands, Chinese-made American flags to wave in the parades, and coca-cola to rot what was left of their teeth in order to support a war based on lies and greed. These are the used and abused who were fed hatred against groups of other human beings in mono-syllabic grunts they could swallow without any thought at all. These are the greedy and powerful who hired dominatrixes and prostitutes to "punish" them for their sins because they know what they were doing was so evil and so wrong, that nothing short of expensive humiliation would ease the burden enough to be able to look in the mirror and face unconscionable slime staring back in disgust.

And the worst sin of all is their combined rape and destruction of natural resources that any thinking, feeling, responsible human being would understand was the most precious legacy they possessed to leave future generations. This is what our grandchildren and their grandchildren will never forgive: the blatant theft and abuse of something left in their trust, an heirloom so precious it can never be replaced.

Truly, they will rightfully perceive this time as evil and as ignorant as the book and library and knowledge destroying fanatics. They will refer to this time as the dark ages of the human soul when greed, ignorance and outright hatred of anyone different led to the destruction of their heritage.

But within that sad history will be the small glimmer of hope that has always grown strong against the wave of such destruction: the tiny choruses of voices who spoke timidly at first, who were drowned out by the trumped up shouts of war, who were jailed, spied upon, punished, derided and degraded...but who continued nevertheless because they knew if they remained silent, the bad people would win.

These people are us. We can win because we have something more real, more precious, more alive than religious manipulation and hatred on our side: we have truth and honor and compassion. Those are strengths that return again and again to defeat evil.

Please add your voice to the growing chorus or there will be nothing left to leave our great great grandchildren other than a sense of shame that we could have done something, could have spoken up, could have stopped the madness...but did not.


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