Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nature As Teacher

One of the reasons religion and its limited concept of spirituality never found a home in me is because my soul has always been tightly woven with Nature. I've always felt myself in the flow of the river as it wound its way through canyons and valleys and lush, abundant mountain ranges. I've always seen myself in the depths of a lake's many layers--the silty gray of thawing ideology, the multi-hued greens of new growth and maturing spirit, the blues of ice and sky and blinding insight so intense that my heart found new heights to test its wings. I've gazed at the ocean as if it were an oracle with answers to all the questions worth asking.

I am not separate from Nature. We are one entity with many hearts all beating in a rhythm of different places in the same time. We are a breath taken one thousand years ago and reborn as the whispered sigh of a creek dancing through a break in the rocks. We are a drop of rain that falls one thousand years in the future as the tear of a love so profound, one can only weep from the intensity of emotion and feeling. We are the crash of a wave against the rocks as we ebb and flow and sweep over the man-made obstacles of being alive.

When I sit in silence in the depths of a forest, the soft rustle of scurrying feet mix with the song of birds, trees shake their leaves and whisper secrets with the wind, the scent of change dies and grows and evolves to a new form, a new reality, a new growth.

I change with the seasons. I die and I am reborn in harmony with the death and rebirth of Nature. I am the waves of the ocean forming new inroads into the shore of my understanding. I am the mist and the cry of the seagulls and the call of geese flying through the fire glow of a setting sun.

In all of Nature is a piece of my soul, a part of me that was shaped and formed and created by processes that are nothing less than a mother giving birth to a child.

Is it any wonder that I find religion and its unholy intermediaries irrelevant to who I am, who I am becoming, and who I shall be?

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