Friday, April 16, 2010

Yo! Moran! Back away from the Karaoke machine and no one gets hurt!

One of these days the Tealiban will have someone very patient and well-versed in Teabonics (Yo! Moran! USAUSAUSA), explain to them how Teabaggers were used by Corporate puppetmasters to help them loot the country. You see, that's how they will finally understand it, by being told it was all about money. Especially since they won't have any as it will all be in the hands of the obscenely wealthy.

But even some of the smarter ones who can count without their fingers and toes, will never understand they were manipulated because their hatred, their racism, their moronic love of slogans, was a big old long leash hooked around their necks just waiting for some huge self-interest group to drag it wherever they wanted it.

These neck leashes allowed the wealthy and powerful insurance industry to drag teabaggers around to protest everything except the continued overpriced, punitive, and ineffective health insurance most of them didn't even have.

I am convinced this was the test for what is to come. They took some really stupid people who were "educated" with highly censored and biased Texas schoolbooks that left out all that annoying thinking for yourself stuff, and instead presented conformity and fear as the lifeblood of America, and saw how much they could use them for their own purposes.

It must have been quite a celebration the day the Insurance company execs looked out their windows and saw their first teabagger protest. Look! they must have shouted with glee, they're demanding we continue our horrible and expensive policies and deny them any chance of surviving an extended illness without losing everything.

And the backslapping and the laughter must have been something else when they realized many of them didn't even have insurance...or holding their sides with hilarious laughter...they realized a whole bunch of them were getting either VA or Medicare benefits AND protesting against government handouts.

Corporate America realized on that day they had a whole contingent of ready fools at their disposal. Now they're cranking them up for the fight against financial reform because every good American Patriot will gladly suffer through sky-high credit card rates, junk overpriced mortgages someone's betting will make them lose their homes, pay day loans with usury rates instead of low interest rich people loans, and cars that automatically turn themselves off if they're ten minutes late with the payment.

All they have to do is convince them anything that benefits ordinary people is Socialism/Communism/BatManism. The Teahadists' masters know most of them haven't a clue those are all radically different things. Those Texas schoolbooks again...

But let's not forget or be distracted by where the sheep are led and instead let's take a look at the sheep. It's really about the bigotry, the outright hatred of Obama because he's black. Read some of their signs, listen to what they say: THEY HATE HIM FOR BEING BLACK, and that's how the wealthy, corporate sleazebags can lead them around and make them do and say whatever they want them to do. They appeal to that hatred, that racism, that bigotry, and like the dumb jackasses they are who believe such crap, they follow their wealthy masters wherever they are led.

But like racists everywhere, they do and say things to try and convince others they are not really racist because it's not the 50's where people kind of chuckled and looked away. There are actually some people (gasp!) who will give you grief for being a piece of shit bigot.

They will go to extreme lengths to explain they aren't racist; they just don't like how all of "them" are on welfare, or how all of "them" are in gangs, or how all of "them" are on drugs. And when the light is shined on their racism, they do stupid shit to prove they're not racist--like make a really bad rap video.

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