Friday, March 05, 2010

Fighting back with Humor

One of the best counter-protests to hatemongers was this one and others that used humor to fight back. I laughed so hard when I saw the signs protesting that cesspool of religious bigotry called Westboro Baptist Church with silly signs. And of course because this manner of protest was so unique and funny, the media focused on it instead of helping spread Phelp's sick and twisted message with their coverage. It effectively neutered him and his message in a non-violent and uplifting way. What a wonderful way to fight back!

Let's face it, folks. We live in a world where wingnut tools like Limbaugh/Palin/Beck serve masters that benefit from a divided country. Hate is the most effective method of control ever invented, and these bile-spewing cretins are doing everything they can to make sure we are so filled with hate we can't think for ourselves. So, here are some suggestions to neutralize the poison they spew on a daily basis.

1. As a political junkie, I tend toward seriousness and present the assorted crimes of congress critters with varying degrees of outrage. Lately I've tried to find the humor in what they do, because it certainly is there. For example, there is no more worthy of ridicule figure in the Health Care Reform battle than Mr. Fake Baked Boehner.

Rather than spend a lot of time writing about his ties to corporate masters which has been discussed to death already, why not start a movement to outlaw tanning booths because they cause cancer? We could call it the Bad Boehner Skin bill. Or we could do something like tax tanning booths to pay for Health Care Reform.

2. One of the most ridiculous and twisted things I've seen are the anti-choice idiots waving jars of pickled fetuses around at their demonstrations. Why not show up with canned hams and wave those around with signs that beg people to save Babe the Pig?

3. And of course there's the pathetic teabaggers who named their grassroots movement after a sex act and then got screwed by the astroturfing of their little party by the Goposaurs, who did the exact same thing to the wingnut Christians. So guys, how did that promise from Karl Rove to outlaw abortion and send Gays to Gitmo work out for you?

But I digress into a painful memory for the poor deluded American idiot version of the Taliban. They really did believe Rove and just don't want to talk about it anymore. But you can show up at the next Teabagging party with your own signs demanding that Karl Rove produce his birth certificate.

Seriously, the best way to fight back is to lift up the rock and let everyone see who these people are. Any video clip of Michele Bachmann is good for hysterical laughter because she puts the crazed in fucking crazy. Same for DeMint, Bunning, and the assortment of bottom feeders who crawled up from the sewers to represent the most ignorant and inbred of their bible-thumping constituents, and moral cretins like Gingrich, Limbaugh, and Beck. Sometimes embellishment gives the fake veneer of truth to their words, and letting them speak for themselves does far more to discredit them than any amount of ridicule could. And of course, a funny sign or two can't hurt.


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