Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Difference Between Democrats and Everyone Else

This video just about sums up what happens when racism, bigotry, and a Texas schoolbook education meet up with the reality that Teahadist crazies didn't get their way over Health Care Reform.

Then there's this. One of their own turned on them and actually said those kind of crazies in the video were responsible for the defeat. Of course, as is the case with extremism of any kind, there can be no individual opinions outside from the sanctioned herd talking points. So, of course, for his honesty, David Frum was fired

This eating their own is what separates the Goposaurs and Teahadists from the Democratic Party. You see, Democrats know that no one will ever agree on anything because Democrats understand everyone is different. It's why there's a Democratic Party. It was needed to include everyone that was rejected by the Republicans as not being rich, white, male, or ugly enough. All those orphans had to go somewhere.

And then there's this whole leadership thing, as in being led around by your nose by a leader. Democrats just aren't into that kind of thing, kinky though it may be. Democrats certainly aren't adverse to kinky, but they prefer that their leaders aren't peeking in the bedroom window and judging them for being kinky. Democrats prefer that kinkiness remains a personal matter between them and their current favorite BFF's.

And that everyone shares a brain thing? Uh uh. That's too Borg-like for most Democrats. Anyone telling them what they should think is more likely to get an answer that explains in multiple footnoted and annotated examples, exactly why they can't go along with that idea when so many other ones exist that may "possibly" be better. Notice I said "possibly." No true Democrat would risk offending someone by implying they weren't capable of being leaders too.

And in that one small but very vital difference is what will eventually empower the Democrats so they're actually able to create the world we all want to live in together. The Republicans are so caught up in being absolute rulers that they fail to see the value of their followers. To them they are people to be used, paid, manipulated and lied to for corporate gain. That's why crazies like the fetus paraders and the Teahadists grow from them like boils on a giant ass. They all want to lead and no one wants to follow.

To see the power of how this works in favor of the Democrats, check out this video about leaders and followers. It will show you what true strength really looks and feels like, and let me tell you, that kind of power gets shit done.

In order to spread this wonderful message of communal following, I offer the following for your amusement and use.


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