Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Breaking the glass ceiling with mud

I don't know which disappoints me more, that Hillary would resort to mudslinging, or that Obama would throw some mud balls back. Who do they think they are? Republicans? I smell a piggy in the shit pile. And I have a sickening feeling in my stomach that he's advising Hillary. And that sickening feeling is my respect sliding away for her.

Anyone who has read anything of mine knows that idealism is something I embrace with all the passion of a true-believer. And you also know I have a streak of realism that runs alongside of it. That realism streak says that you have to claw your way to the top. The idealism says that one of the many reasons I'm torn between two of the best candidates the Democrats have put up in a long time is that I hoped they would clean things up, that they would bring civility back to our Democratic process.

Instead I see the same old divisive politics, with the same piggy brains like Rush Limbaugh snorking through his drug-induced haze comments that only a few inbred cretins like himself would consider funny. I see sides being chosen that remind me of divorces in process where everyone picks a side and works out their own issues and fuck the people who are actually getting the divorce. I see cheating, lying, exaggerating, and just plain old mean spiritedness that the Republicans perfected to a barnyard art.

All I can say right now is come on guys! Don't become that which you oppose. It's the ultimate pitfall and one that is usually reserved for tyrants. Get a room, work it out, and come out fighting together. This election is too important for petty politics.

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