Thursday, July 20, 2006

Share Your Art, Music, Words and Actions for Peace

In the last weeks I've been stunned by the amount of violence, the wars, the killing that is going on all over the world. My first reaction was to hide away from the world and come out only to work and do the absolute minimum outside the safe confines of my little home. I had a relationship with the meaningless and stupid deaths as I would with some bad ex-lover who stalked me if I dared to open my door. As a result, the wars became stronger and my love and trust became weaker. I let myself give in to evil.

And then, as many of you who are artists, musicians, writers will understand immediately, this is not the way we face such things. If we were hiders, we would never create a damn thing. We would lock ourselves away and everything would go silent, especially our creativity.

I fought back as all of you fight back. I created and created and created. I have never made so many designs devoted to peace in such a short time. It is almost a fever, a fanatic need to not become a victim of hatred, of greed, of warmongers who go through life taking lives and land and money and honor until nothing is left but a pile of dead dreams for the rest of us.

These designs are my strength as your own art is your strength. It is my voice as yours is your voice. I think of how many of us are on this planet who speak for peace and yet there is still war. So I ask all of you to pick one piece of art, music, words that is symbolic of fighting back. Share it with everyone you know. Pass on the works of each other. Buy a cd, a shirt, a poster, a painting, a poem, a story, give to a cause devoted to peace, teach a child about peace, talk to an adult about peace, live a day totally in peace.

Let's be heard and let's get louder. Art is power

Design from: Ursine Logic(changing minds one t-shirt at a time)

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