Friday, July 14, 2006

Mindless, Senseless Violence: Or Rot From The Top Down

If anyone ever has doubts about whether rot begins from the top down, all they have to do is take a look at what is going on around the world--endless, mindless, pointless violence. Then take a look at the leaders whose watch that senseless violence is thriving under. I'll make it easy for you...draw some dots and connect them back to Bush. Go all the way back to when he was governor of Texas and led the country in executions. He set the standard then for what the world would become--one continual violent tantrum orchestrated by a very sick and twisted individual.

If you study Bush as I have studied Bush you will discover what I have discovered: the man has too many daddy issues and we are all victims of his unresolved crap between senior and junior. How many more people have to die before this psychopath gets the treatment he so desperately needs?

I hear people say that he is just a puppet, that he is being used by Cheney and Rumsfeld because he is too stupid to know he is being used, that he is the idiot king with no power except for ceremonial duties where he is trotted out to sneer and snarl and make stupid frat boy jokes that only embarrass this country further.

I believe he is not very intelligent, that because of his wealth and position life was greased for him to slide through in his mediocre way. He is the cracker king of the demographics he so aptly courts. I also believe he is a very sick and twisted individual. I would have no trouble believing he tortures puppies or has a backyard stashed full of bodies his family paid lots of money to cover up. He is the demented spawn of too much wealth and privilege. He is the poster boy for an estate tax to prevent more of him screwing up the world anymore with his sick personality. And he will destroy the world just as he has destroyed every company, every sports team, every endeavor he has greased with his dirty, greedy fingers.

What makes the situation we are facing far worse is his rampant use of nepotism to fill political positions. Imagine the most drunken, the most illiterate, the most cruel and disgusting frat boys and you have the Bush administration. These people are not brain trusts. They are trust fund morons who are where they are because of powerful, monied political connections. They care nothing for you and me or the evangelical idiots they court and use to enrich themselves. They are not religious except for political photo opportunities. They believe in nothing but profit, unbelievable stinking profit that is just a game among them: whomever can steal the most is the the best for that week.

How do you fight against such rot? How do you take back the country from these greedy, self-serving bastards that care nothing for me and you? The answer is deceptively simple.

You take it back with love because that is the one thing they will never understand, the one thing they will never see coming. Love. So simple. So beyond them. Love of your neighbor. Love of those different from you. Love of those who came from somewhere else and are now your neighbors and co-workers. Love of those who love each other regardless of gender. Love of those who see wealth as a crippling influence on humanity, on compassion, on the very ability to love without expectations. Pure love. The kind of love that children have for each other, for puppies and kittens. The kind of love that doesn't need to be bought. It just is, pure and simple. It exists because it is.

It takes effort to hate. You have to get up every day and plan out how you are going to hate, who you are going to attack, who you are going to destroy, what people, what country you will trash in order to accumulate even more wealth, more power, more bodies stacked on the road to shallow glory.

But love is easy. It is who we are. It lives in us in pure form. It needs nothing to exist because it is strong enough to exist on its own. Hate needs constant feeding. Hate takes from you, it feeds on your heart, your soul, your spirit. It burns in your belly. It destroys you so it can exist.

Love needs none of this. Therefore, Love is stronger that hate. Love will defeat those who seek only to destroy, to grow fat on their greed. Defeat them by loving their many enemies. Embrace those they disenfranchise. Accept those they exclude. Raise up those they step on. These are the strengths they will never see, never understand, never know defeated them.

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