Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Few Words From A Proud Moonbat

It's true. Language IS a virus. And the only reason the present administration even came close to winning the elections (close, but not legitimately won because they didn't honestly win), is they were able to set aside such inconvenient things as ethics, morality, and nagging consciences to inflict it on an oblivious populace. The reason the virus took hold so easily is due to the pathetic state of education in this country. All you have to do is look at the "C student only because daddy was rich and they didn't dare fail his ass" poor excuse for a president we have, the moronic frat boys he surrounds himself with who were pushed toward graduation the way pigs are weaned so they can wallow in someone else's shit, to see what happens when we don't value education. When all will be said and done, not only will Bush go down in History as the worst president ever, but his entire administration will serve as a warning to future generations what happens when you scrimp on education.

So, these simplistic minds resorted to the only tactics they knew to win...they used stupid frat boy insults that focused on body parts and functions to get their message across. They defined female politicians by appearance, sexuality, amount of cleavage, and subservience. A strong woman was portrayed as frigid because her strength was an indictment of their lack of ability in the bedroom. She became every woman who mocked them in bed. Her intelligence, often far superior to their own, became something that made her unattractive, bitchy--a ball-buster who could castrate them with words far quicker than they could gut a chicken.

And men who did not buy into their immature and threatened assessments became wimps, pussies, moonbats, homos...words that don't really mean anything except a juvenile reaction to something too far beyond a kid intellectually to be responded to except in whimpers, grunts, and sputtered insults. Men who actually admitted to having a conscience, to caring about something outside their own butt itch, were and are the biggest threat to them.

I am convinced that is why there is such a backlash against gays, because their true target are straight men who disagree with them. They fear these straight men with progressive ideas far more than they fear gay men, because ideas are far more subversive than a man-loving penis. One they can run from, the other might just creep into them while they sleep.

This language virus found the perfect receptacle for their simplistic fears and hatreds: uneducated simpletons like themselves. Ignorance has no class or social status. It is immune to both so it is natural that the Bushco frat boys would find a kinship with the uneducated, bible-thumping, inbred morons that form the war party's base. To them they could scream non-nonsensicle crap and it would find a willing home. And all they had to do was stuff a few free hot dogs and cola down their throats at those staged support the troop rallies that preceded the Iraq war, and the idiots would offer up their own children as sacrifices to an out of control madman.

There is one place we need to start to even begin to fight back and reclaim this country and that is to turn their tactics against them. Don't let them get away with saying that peace is bad. Speak up and remind people that it is war that is bad, not peace. Don't let them get away with using gays, Mexicans, Arabs, and progressives as wedge issues in this upcoming congressional election. Remind them that this country was founded on Democratic principles and they have no right to wipe their ass with OUR constitution. And for god's sake, take back your damn religion from these ill-bred shitheads. They've done more to destroy Christianity than any other fundamentalist whacko from another country could ever do.

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