Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stretching the Stimulus

Here's an idea to make the stimulus dollars go farther. Only districts whose Senators/Representatives voted for it should get any of the money when it's time to distribute it for jobs and other projects. Those who voted against it get nothing for their districts and if the voters they represent approve, they will keep their jobs in the next election. If not, then it's the price they pay for playing politics with people's survival.

Those who voted for it get to split the extra funds that will be freed up, and they can decide how best to spend them in their own districts. This would allow them to fund programs that often get overlooked in statewide budget decisions, but are vital for an individual district.

An example would be a road that needs repairing within a town instead of on the interstate, or pot holes that need fixing, or a temporary decrease in local property taxes, or funding local food banks, homeless shelters, and other underfunded services for the very poor and indigent.

This would create good will for the wise politician who cares about and stays on top of issues in their local district, help with his or her future election chances, and it would be a fair way to stretch limited dollars and make politicians accountable for their votes, especially if the voters are also informed how their representatives voted for or against their interests.

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