Friday, February 20, 2009

Saving America With Marijuana

My vote for opportunistic moron of the year goes to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott for his 1950's style attempted persecution of bong-toking hippies because they partied with Michael Phelps. read more  Obviously he's given up on these real  criminals because it's just so much easier to go after marijuana users. What's next? Dragging cancer patients out on the streets and tazing them for medicinal use?

The latest word is that he's been "encouraged" to back off. read here While that is good news and in these tough economic times, it's probably a relief to the citizens of his county that their hard-earned tax dollars that pay this ego-maniac's salary will now go to more adult endeavors such as catching some murderers or other real criminals, it does bring up the issue of the stupidity involved in treating Marijuana as a hard drug equal to Heroin and Cocaine.

A more realistic drug policy that removes the political aspect of it from the hands of idiots like Sheriff Lott, has the prospect of solving several important problems, starting with the economy.

" could be lucrative for governments, especially when combined with the savings from ending prohibition. As the U.S. marijuana market is illegal, there are no sales figures. Estimates of its size range from $10.5 billion a year to $113 billion. But three studies done by economists and policy analysts say ganja taxes could bring in anywhere from $2.4 billion to $31.1 billion in revenue, depending on how big the sales really are. About one-third of that would go to the states."
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When you add all that potential revenue to the money saved from going after, prosecuting, and jailing marijuana users, that's a big chunk of the stimulus funds right there that don't have to be borrowed from China.

After the uproar over a gold medal swimmer getting photographed smoking a bong, one truth remains "Marijuana, it makes you swim really fast." Nice medal hanging off a pot leaf. Wear it to the pool. Buy button by clicking on it or visiting Ursine Logic.

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